Thien An Hill Hue - a picturesque virtual living paradise that is aggressively 'hunted' by young people

Thien An Hill in Hue has a romantic beauty hidden in the pristine, which is the favorite virtual check-in place for young people. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, you should not miss this famous place to take good and beautiful photos.

Where is Thien An Hill in Hue?

Thien An Hill is a tourist destination located in the south of Hue , in Thuy Bang ward, Huong Thuy town. This place was originally an arid mountainous area, but it was created by a French monk in the middle of the last century. Up to now, Thien An hill has become a vast mountainous area covered with green pine forests.

Beautiful romantic scene in Thien An hill in Hue. Photo: luhanhvietnam

This place is loved for its cool climate, poetic scenery, weaving between the old pine trees are small winding roads like no stops, far away is the clear Thuy Tien lake, silhouetted by the foliage. pine. All create a beautiful scene just like in a picture. In the past time, Thien An Hue hill is a famous sightseeing spot in Hue, attracting a lot of tourists coming here to take pictures, have fun, and camp.

The ideal destination for a group of friends. Photo: lendang

From Hue city to Thien An hill is only about 7km and moving is quite simple. At the city center, you drive straight on Dien Bien Phu street, at the position near the Nam Giao herd, turn left and drive a bit more to get there. When you arrive, you park your car under the hill and then walk about 100m to reach Thien An hill.

Thien An Hill Hue
The famous pine forest in Thien An hill attracts young people. Photo: ivivu

During the way up to the hill, the air is very cool, the two sides of the road are green pine trees. Stepping up to the top of Thien An hill, you will be amazed at the wonderful scenery of Hue city covered in sight. Many people wonder when is the best time to travel to Thien An hill ? In fact, the atmosphere here is always cool, depending on each person's plan and schedule, you can come anytime.

Thien An Hill Hue
Super beautiful photo shoot for the couple at Thien An hill in Hue. Photo: huesmiletravel


Take a walk, admire the beautiful scenery and "take" good photos at Thien An Hill in Hue

Thien An Hill is likened to a miniature Da Lat city in the heart of Hue. Temporarily putting aside the hustle and bustle of life, when you come to Thien An hill, you will have a completely different feeling, extremely peaceful and relaxed. The outstanding places here are the winding roads, weaving between the vast green pine trees, the romantic and charming scenery that anyone wants to visit once.

Thien An Hill Hue
Green, fresh mountain scenery in Thien An hill. Photo: kenh14

The unspoiled natural scenery of the vast forest will bring you unforgettable moments. Thien An Hill Hue has countless check-in corners "like distilled water". Just feel free to drop your soul in the middle of the forest, the sky and the clouds, and you will immediately have beautiful and sparkling virtual live photos. In addition, Thien An hill is also an ideal place for picnic activities.

Nice check-in place in Thien An hill. Photo: zingnews

Although not a lavish, vibrant or large-scale investment place, Thien An hill still easily captivates all visitors. Thanks to the wild beauty, gentleness and closeness to nature, this place always receives a great plus point in the hearts of tourists.

Thien An Hill Hue
Beautiful virtual living corners in Thien An hill in Hue. Photo: dulichfun

If you have set foot on Thien An Hill in Hue, you should not miss the Benedictine Monastery. This is a work of magnificent beauty, a special mark among the four sides of trees. What makes an impression in the hearts of visitors is the modern Asian architectural style of the monastery.

Thien An Hill Hue
Enjoy posing for photos at Thien An hill. Photo: luxury-inside

This place is currently worshiping Jesus and saints, but on the walls are carved familiar images of dragons and phoenixes, making the monastery more unique. This is the right place for those who are in need of a quiet place, away from all worries.

In addition to the Benedictine monastery, Thuy Tien Lake also attracts a large number of tourists when visiting Thien An Hill in Hue . Although no longer serving tourists. The water in this lake is taken from the Perfume River, so it is very clear and cool. Although abandoned, Ho Thuy Tien has no shortage of impressive check-in corners for young people to "pose" freely.

Thien An Hill Hue
Thien An Hill in Hue is also a beautiful wedding photography location. Photo: chungxe

Notes when going to Thien An Hill in Hue

How to move to Thien An hill in Hue : From Hue city ??center to Thien An hill, there are many means and ways for you to choose. First, you drive along Hoai Thuong Street to Le Ngo Cat Street, then go straight for another section to Minh Mang Street. Just like that, you continue to run for another 2km and you will see Khai Dinh street. Going through Khai Dinh street, you will come to Thien An hill.

Thien An Hill Hue
The way to Thien An Hill in Hue

What to eat when going to Thien An Hill Hue : Hue cuisine is something that visitors cannot ignore after visiting Thien An hill. Look no further, right on the hill and in the surrounding areas there are also many famous restaurants. If you want to eat at the restaurants on the hill, you must contact to reserve a table in advance.

Thien An Hill Hue
Specialty banh beo when traveling to Hue. Photo: monan9

Some Hue specialties you should enjoy once: Mussel rice, oyster sauce, sesame paste, filter cake, Hue, sour shrimp paste, Hue beef noodle soup, Hue Royal Tea... Some restaurants near You can refer to Thien An Hill in Hue such as: Chan Doi Restaurant (110 Minh Mang), La Thong Restaurant (96 Minh Mang), Chan Que Restaurant (on the way to Khai Dinh Tomb),...

Thien An Hill Hue
Thien An Hill in Hue attracts young people to live virtual life. Photo: khamphahue

Note on the way: Traveling to Hue and Thien An hill, you should travel by motorbike, which is both convenient and economical. The roads in Hue in the peak tourist season are quite crowded, so you need to pay attention when moving. Because you have to walk up Thien An hill, it is best to wear long pants and sports shoes for easy movement.

Thien An Hill Hue
Thien An Hill Hue owns a beautiful scenery. Photo: khamphadisan

Thien An Hill is an ideal virtual living and check-in place that you should not miss when visiting the dreamland, promising interesting and memorable experiences for your trip. 

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