Explore Tam Thanh cave - the 'first eight scenes' of Lang

Tam Thanh cave is not only famous as one of the most beautiful caves in Lang Son but also a spiritual destination that attracts tourists and Buddhists nationwide.

Tam Thanh cave relic site is located in the limestone mountain range of Tam Thanh ward, northwest of Lang Son city. This cave complex covers an area of ??over 52 hectares, formed about 300 million years ago.

Tam Thanh Cave Tam Thanh cave attracts travelers by many stalactites with strange shapes. Photo: Wiki

Tam Thanh cave is a complex of 3 caves: Nhat Thanh, Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh located in Tam Thanh pagoda. The cave attracts travelers' footsteps by countless stalactites with strange shapes. The deeper you go into the cave, many interesting things that make you not want to leave.

The charming watercolor painting in Tam Thanh Lang Son cave

Lang Son tourism , Tam Thanh cave is a stop not to be missed. Located on a mountain range with a herd of prostrating elephants, surrounded by shady trees, the cave is majestic and magnificent. Step by step exploring the cave, visitors come across the cave door in the east about 8m high. Both sides of the road are steep cliffs like a challenge to visitors. Climbing 30 stone steps chiseled into the mountainside with luxuriant trees blocking the sunlight brings excitement.

Tam Thanh Cave Spiritual space in the cave. Photo: Tripline

Entering the cave, crossing the Tam Quan gate, visitors seem to be lost in the mysterious and magical spiritual space. There you will see Buddhist shrines placed in different positions. In particular, you will admire the white statue of Amitabha Buddha standing in the shape of a leaf. The statue carved directly into the stone exudes a dignified look with a soft and pure feature. Not only that, this is an architecture that embodies the Buddhist thought of our country in the Le - Mac dynasties with the characteristic image: Buddha in a long robe, his feet are contemplative, his hands are pointing to the ground.

A unique thing here is that in Tam Thanh Pagoda not only worshiping Shakyamuni statues and Buddhas. It is known that during the period of the Three Religions, the temple also worshiped Confucius and Lao Tzu - two wise men of Confucianism and Taoism. This is really rare in any temple in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh Cave Am Ty Lake does not dry up all year round. Photo: Giao Duc

Continuing the journey to visit Tam Thanh Cave , you will encounter Am Ty Lake. The lake is green and cool, you can see the bottom. The interesting thing about this lake is that it never runs dry, the water flows around the clock. Looking up at the ceiling of the cave, visitors are satisfied with the natural stalactites created with vivid shapes. It can be the image of a corn plant, an elephant, a lion or an image of Tien Ong ... making you bewildered forever.

Tam Thanh Cave The shimmering beauty in Tam Thanh Lang Son cave. Photo: Yong.vn

Going further into the cave is a small stage. There are two doors to the sky, the light shines from the outside into the stalactites, making the cave more sparkling and moving. Continuing from here, there will be a path to Vong Thi floor - where tourists can see the stone statue of To Thi holding her child waiting for her husband. Then do not miss the visit to the traditional stilt house of the Tay ethnic group in Lang Son.


Cultural space - unique history of Tam Thanh cave

Tam Thanh Lang Son cave is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also preserves many cultural and historical values. Those are the exams, the riches of the ancestors. Or it is also a system of rich epitaphs with historical and literary and artistic value. In it, you will see stele number 4 - the oldest stele. This Ma Nhai stele was carved in the 2nd year of Le Vinh Tri (1677), it details the construction and embellishment of the pagoda. Not only that, there is also a stele engraved with a poem by the governor of Lang Son town Ngo Thi Si in the year of the Pig (1777).

Tam Thanh Cave The palanquin procession in Tam Thanh pagoda festival. Photo: Money of the Underworld

Coming to Tam Thanh Cave, visitors will admire the charming beauty of nature. And if you have the opportunity to come on the occasion of January 15, you can also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Tam Thanh Pagoda festival. Many special rituals and traditions of the people of Lang are reproduced in this festival such as sacrifices, praying for favorable weather, good crops, and a happy and prosperous life. As for the festival, there are games and folk performances such as: sli singing, gliding singing, lion dance, throwing dragons, human flags... The crowded and bustling atmosphere here makes you not want to leave.


How to get to Tam Thanh Cave?

From the center of Hanoi, you move across Chuong Duong bridge to Highway 5 and then round to National Highway 1A. Continue to cross the Duong River to the Hanoi - Bac Giang expressway, to National Highway 37, National Highway 1A. Then you turn to Hung Vuong street, cross Ky Cung bridge, cross Tam Thanh street, you will reach Tam Thanh cave.

Traveling to explore Tam Thanh cave , the poetic beauty adds the majestic space of the Buddhist place to bring travelers relaxation. If you are too tired with the hustle and bustle of busy urban areas, visit Tam Thanh, listen to the whisper of nature, enjoy the peace and tranquility.  

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