'Cool girl' 9x revealed the secret of a picnic in Thung Nai, Hoa Binh, less than 200k

Ly Nguyen had a 1-day trip to Thung Nai Hoa Binh from Hanoi with a cost of less than 200,000 VND/person. What is your friend's secret? Read the following review to find out the answer. 

At the end of the year, everyone is busy and spinning at work, preparing to end a long, stressful year. That's why people have little time for long trips or vacations.


Thung Nai tourismThung Nai is an attractive destination near Hanoi. Photo: Ly Nguyen

But what if you are a "crazy foot", can't stay in one place for too long? You can choose to have a short picnic, find yourself moments of real peace and relaxation. If you are living in Hanoi, you can plan a trip to Thung Nai Hoa Binh like Ly Nguyen. 

Thung Nai tourismFresh and green scenery in Thung Nai. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Only a short trip, but Ly Nguyen has had many chilling experiences in the beautiful land of Hoa Binh. After the trip, this "cool girl" actively shared her picnic experience in Thung Nai . Now, let's see how your friend's schedule is and save the necessary information.

Itinerary to explore Thung Nai Hoa Binh 

Last Sunday, I had a really chill picnic at Thung Nai Coconut Island. This is a destination in Hoa Binh possessing beautiful natural scenery, fresh and cool air, suitable for picnicking, camping and recharging after a hard working time. 

Thung Nai tourismThung Nai is located near Hanoi, suitable for weekend picnics. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Thung Nai Coconut Island is a famous eco-tourism destination. It is located about 5 minutes by boat to Bo Waterfall. The reason this island is called Coconut Island is because it is planted with more than 100 coconut trees to shade, creating a very peaceful and fresh natural scene. 

Thung Nai tourismLy Nguyen had a day trip to Thung Nai with her friends. Photo: Ly Nguyen

That is also the reason that my friend and I chose this place to have a picnic during this trip to Hoa Binh . Because my trip was wrapped in 1 day, there was no need for too much preparation. I just review a few small experiences for your reference. 

Thung Nai tourismThis place owns beautiful scenery, likened to "Ha Long Bay on land". Photo: Ly Nguyen

In the morning at 7:30 am - 8:00 am, our group gathered at the National Convention Center. Then at 8 o'clock, we started moving in the direction of Lang Hoa Lac towards Hoa Binh. On the way, I stopped to rest and repair the car as well as take pictures, so it took about 12 hours to reach Thung Nai port. 

Thung Nai tourismSitting in front of the boat to live virtual is also a great thing when you take a boat to Coconut Island. Photo: Ly Nguyen

At this port, they boarded a boat to move to Coconut Island. The boat takes about 20 minutes to arrive. While the boat is sailing on Da river lake, you can go up to the bow of the boat to take some �titanic� photos. Or want to live more virtual, you can go to the side of the boat to take a picture of "the waves and waves of life" as you like. 

Thung Nai tourismFrom Thung Nai wharf to Coconut Island about 20 minutes. Photo: Ly Nguyen

In my opinion, this trip to Thung Nai is the right decision because the scenery here is fresh and green. People call this place "Ha Long Bay on land" is not wrong. After a short time sitting on the boat, sightseeing and taking photos, our group also set foot on Coconut Island. This island has an area of ????about 1 ha, where it owns a green and peaceful space. 

Thung Nai tourismPeaceful scenery in Thung Nai. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Here, our group chose to rent a yard with a barbecue, usually 300,000 VND. But you can negotiate more with the owner for a discount or additional support. The aunt and uncle here are very cute and especially have a very cute fat dog. 

Thung Nai tourismCoconut Island provides food service, sleeping, ... for visitors. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Because our group came here at about 12 o'clock, it was quite late at this time, so the whole group started to burn wood. There are twigs available here, so you just need to bring more dry alcohol to easily blow the fire. Regarding food and drinks, our group has prepared it at home, so when we come here, we just need to bring it out and bake it. 

Thung Nai tourismThung Nai has many beautiful virtual check-in corners. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Our group gathers to grill, eat, and play together until the sun goes down. The two of them continued to split up to go virtual everywhere, at the marina, the pool area. Some of the remaining friends choose to lie on the hammock to enjoy the clear and cool air. In particular, if you travel to Thung Nai on a sunny day, the sunset scene "top of the top" is always. 

Thung Nai tourismEven if you only have 1 day here, you can still enjoy the feeling of peace with family and friends. Photo: Ly Nguyen

After eating, playing, and living virtual, the group packed up their things and headed back to Hanoi. Called Hoa Binh tourism, but actually, our group only went back during the day, mainly to change the wind and breathe in the fresh air. 

Experience exploring Thung Nai Coconut Island 

The total loss of this trip was less than 200,000 VND. It sounds cheap, but it's true. Because our group traveled with many people, traveled by motorbike, and prepared food, baked goods and drinks from home, it did not cost much. 

Thung Nai tourismTo have an economical trip, you should prepare food and drink in advance. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Along the way, the group stopped to drink water. And some places on the way to Hoa Binh province are very beautiful, so we stopped and took pictures. If you also go home during the day like me, I recommend you go early to have more time. 

Thung Nai tourismRomantic sunset scene in Thung Nai. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Regarding the cost of sailing, the boat from the wharf to Coconut Island costs 1.3 million if less than 10 people. Groups of more than 10 people will cost 1.5 million and if the group is too large, you will have to pay more. The cost of gasoline this time of the whole group is divided, each person is about 50,000 VND for both ways. 

Thung Nai tourismTraveling Thung Nai by motorbike gives you many interesting experiences. Photo: Ly Nguyen

There are a few small notes for those who are traveling to Thung Nai for the first time. It is quite a beautiful road from Hanoi to here. However, there are 2 sections under construction, each about 1 km and very bad at the moment. Therefore, when riding a motorbike, you should actively check the wheel to avoid the condition that the wheel is too worn, causing slippery. 

For the return journey from Hoa Binh to Hanoi, you can take the Tan Lac road to avoid a bumpy road. This season, the weather is also starting to get cold, so you should wear warm and antique glasses to stay healthy. In addition, do not forget to equip additional dust shields and wear fullface hats, to avoid splashing rocks in the face.

Thung Nai tourismOn the way, you can stop to take pictures in the middle of the road. Photo: Ly Nguyen

Hopefully the Thung Nai travel experiences I shared above will be useful for those of you who are planning to have a picnic in a place near Hanoi. In my opinion, this is a place with beautiful and clear scenery, cool, ideal for chilling and enjoying the most relaxing moments with relatives and friends. 

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