Lost in the wonderland right on the top of Mau Son - Lang Son

Setting foot on the top of Mau Son in Lang Son, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland with clouds drifting along the mountainside.

Mau Son is one of the familiar tourist destinations for those who are passionate about travel and is a must-see during the early autumn period. Setting foot on the top of Mau Son, a completely different space like a fairyland will appear before your eyes.

Mau Son - Lang Son

Mau Son is a high mountain range located in the northeast of Lang Son province. This mountain range covers an area of ??550 km2 with more than 80 large and small mountains and the average altitude is about 1,000 - 2,000 m above sea level. In this mountain range, the highest peak belongs to the peak of Tiep Po with an altitude of 1,541 m and the peak of Pia Me with an altitude of 1,550 m.

Mau Son mountain range belongs to three communes including Mau Son commune, Cong Son commune of Cao Loc district and Mau Son commune of Loc Binh district.


Mau Son Peak impresses touristsThe immense beauty of Mau Son peak (Photo: dulich24h.com)

Lost on the top of Mau Son

If you are looking for a fairyland, Mau Son peak is a perfect choice. Although the way to the top is a bit difficult and hard, the fresh air and majestic scenery on the top of Mau Son will dispel all your fatigue.


Lost on the top of Mau Son mountainGet lost on the top of Mau Son mountain (Photo: dulichtrongoi.vn)

Leaning against the cliff and looking at the sky and earth, you will find yourself very small in the midst of the vastness. For those who love photography, there will be a wonderful set of virtual live photos right at the top of this mountain. The higher the temperature below, the more refreshing you will feel when you reach the top. It feels like you are lost in another world, completely separate from the life below.

The beauty of Mau Son peak changes with each time frame of the day. If you want to "hunt clouds", you have to wake up around 3 to 4 am because the dawn here is quite early around 6 o'clock. At that time, the first rays of sunlight crept through the clouds, giving viewers a different feeling. The space and landscape seem to be warmer when it is noon, the roads that follow the mountains like silk ribbons appear clearer and more impressive. The beauty of this mountain peak will become more magical and attractive when the sun gradually sets behind the towering mountains. You will experience all levels of emotions during the journey to explore this mountain.

The ideal time to visit Mau Son peak

Like other mountain ranges in the northeast of Vietnam, the weather on the top of the mountain is divided into two main seasons: winter and summer. The summer period from April to October every year is the best time to visit Mau Son peak.


Impressive beauty at the top of Mau Son mountainImpressive beauty at the top of Mau Son mountain (Photo: pystravel.com)

At this time, the temperature on the top will fall between 15-18 degrees Celsius, neither too hot nor too cold for a trip to explore and experience. Moreover, at this time, the clouds are not too much, so you will see the scenery below the mountain top with thatched roofs and fields in the clearest way. Besides, from May to June is the time when Cam Tu Cau flowers bloom in Mau Son, which is also the time when many tourists flock here.

In addition, for those who want to experience the freezing cold on the top of Mau Son, come here in winter around October to February next year. However, at this time you must always ensure safety when moving to the top of the mountain because the road will be quite slippery and potentially dangerous.


Roads to Mau Son

If you start your journey from Hanoi, then you can catch a bus at the bus station and go to Lang Son for a fare of 80,000 - 100,000 VND.


Winding roads to the top of Mau Son
The winding roads to the top of Mau Son (Photo: vietnamtourism.gov.vn)
From Lang Son, you can travel by taxi or motorbike along National Highway 4B to Na Na, turn left and follow DT237, then follow the signs to get to the top of Mau Son.
A small note is that the distance to the top of Mau Son is about 15km, the road is quite small and slippery in the rainy season, so if you travel by motorbike, you need to be very careful, and if you take a taxi, the road is only Can only move 1 row of taxis. In addition, this route only has a few stops because the road is small, but in return the view is extremely beautiful.

Note when coming to Mau Son

To have a safe and fun trip to Mau Son peak, you need to note a few things as follows:
- When you go, you should bring a thin jacket because the temperature on the top of Mau Son will be lower than at the foot of the mountain
- Prepare a pair of shoes with high friction because the path is quite slippery 
- Don't go to the top on bad weather days

Mau Son is always a place that any tourist wants to experience once. However, to have an enjoyable, attractive and safe trip, you need to absolutely follow the instructions as well as the necessary items included. In case, you do not have too much travel experience to explore this type before, it is recommended that you go with a tour guide, an experienced person or a local.

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