See the beautiful Bac Son valley like a picture in the ripe rice season

There are few places where all four seasons of the year are as beautiful as Bac Son valley, but perhaps the most special is still in the ripe rice season.

Compared to Y Ty in Lao Cai or Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai, Bac Son valley is not as famous, but this place gives visitors great experiences that are unmatched anywhere else. That is when in the rice harvest season, the whole Bac Son valley in Lang Son looks like it is wearing a yellow shirt from ripe rice fields. Perhaps that is why not only photographers but also many foreign tourists always want to once set foot here to be able to witness this beautiful scene. 

Bac Son valleyCompared to Y Ty in Lao Cai or Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai, Bac Son valley is probably not as famous.

Bac Son valleyHowever, the scenery of the ripe rice season here is always a unique beauty that no other place can compare

The ripening rice season here usually starts around the end of July and mid-November, which means it is in season earlier than other localities and lasts only about a week. Therefore, those who plan to visit this valley must find out the most ideal time to be able to see that beautiful scenery.


Bac Son valleyLooking down from above, the golden fields and the sea of ??clouds in the early morning make the scenery of Bac Son as beautiful as a picture.

But the interesting thing that other rice fields do not have is that the rice in Bac Son is not grown at the same time, so there are fields that are harvested first, fields harvested later, and fields that are still being transplanted... Love creates unique colors throughout the Bac Son field in the ripe rice season . And the small canal winding through the valley, along with the houses of the Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic groups, make the picture more special.

Bac Son valley
The interesting thing is that the rice in Bac Son is grown not at the same time, accidentally creating colorful patches throughout the field.
Bac Son valleyYellow green trees of Bac Son rice field. 

In the morning, you will see people going to the fields to harvest rice under the light sunshine of the last days of summer, creating a scene very close and dear to every Vietnamese person. Then in the afternoon, Bac Son people piled straw into piles to burn in order to clear the field and prepare to plant the next crop. Just like that, the wind blew through, sending the smoke of burning the fields flying high, making the whole hilly area smell like the scent of straw.

Bac Son valley
The image of a farmer harvesting rice in a field is so familiar
Bac Son valleyIn the late afternoon, Bac Son people piled straw into piles to burn to clear the field, making the whole area smell like straw.

In addition to the ripe rice fields, there is another "specialty" dish in Bac Son valley, which is clouds floating in the mountains. On the way to Bac Son valley in the early morning, you should stop at Tam Canh pass to admire the majestic and poetic landscape when the clouds appear. 

Bac Son valley
In addition to the ripe rice fields, there is another "specialty" dish in Bac Son valley, which is clouds floating in the mountains.

However, for your trip to be most complete, you must pay attention to limit climbing after rainy nights because of dangerous slippery stone steps. In addition, although the weather during this period is not too cold, you should also prepare a thin jacket in case the temperature is low in the early morning and at night in Bac Son!

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