The fever of Ba Khan Hoa Binh has not cooled down when 'people check in, families review'

Ba Khan valley has a wild and fresh beauty, nestled beside Hoa Binh hydroelectric lake is a destination that attracts many tourists. Review of Ba Khan Hoa Binh will bring you many new experiences.

Recently, Ba Khan is a destination in Hoa Binh that many travel followers check in and review on tour groups. Ba Khan fever has not shown any signs of cooling down when there are still many young people visiting and checking in.

Ba Khan season darling!Ba Khan season darling!

Recently, Thu Thao from Hanoi had a trip to Hoa Binh 3 days 2 nights and brought many interesting sharings to readers. Let's follow the review of Ba Khan Hoa Binh of this beautiful girl!

Journey from Hanoi - Tan Lac - Ba Khan - Ban Lac - Hoa Binh city

Ba Khan valley covers an area of ??less than 20 square kilometers and is about 200 kilometers from Hanoi. To get to Ba Khan from Hoa Binh city center, you have to cross a distance of about 50km in the direction of National Highway 6 to Mai Chau.

There are 2 routes from Hanoi to Ba Khan:

- Route 1: follow Highway 6, go through Hoa Binh city , and go another 40 km to the foot of Thung Khe pass where in Phu Cuong commune, on the right hand side there will be a landmark that only goes to Ba Khan 10km more.

Poetic and romantic scenery in Ba Khan valley, Hoa Binh.Poetic and romantic scenery in Ba Khan valley, Hoa Binh.

- Route 2: If you miss Thung Khe pass, don't worry because when you finish the pass, at Tong Dau junction you can turn left along the road to Moc Chau for another 7km, there will be a signpost on the right hand side to Bai Sang, go another 8km to Ba Khan lake.

This route is longer than the first route, but you have the opportunity to experience a very poetic and charming scene when leisurely going through the old forests with one side of the rocky mountain and the other side is the lake of Hoa Binh.

Review Ba Khan Hoa Binh: Which hotel to stay?

I came to Ba Khan in the autumn, not a weekend here, so the hotel room price is also relatively "soft". I chose to stay at Ba Khan Village Resort, this resort is on promotion, so the price is reduced to 1,200,000 VND/room including meals.

Because the plan to go is also quite urgent, when booking, Ba Khan Village Resort was "full" until next month. However, close to the departure date, a guest canceled the room, so I booked that canceled room.

Ba Khan Village Resort is a resort that you should not miss when traveling to Ba Khan Hoa BinhBa Khan Village Resort is a resort that you should not miss when traveling to Ba Khan Hoa Binh

In addition, I also choose Mai Chau Green Eco House to rest when traveling to Mai Chau the next day. Room rate at this hotel is 400,000 VND/night. This price is inclusive of breakfast and sightseeing bicycles.

Ba Khan - Hoa Binh review schedule

Day 1: Hanoi - Tan Lac - Ba Khan valley

I started traveling by bus from Hanoi at 15:00 and arrived at Thung Khe pass at 17:30.

The plan was to check in to Da Trang Pass and "take a photo" here, but when it arrived, because it was autumn, it was quite dark. So we just stop, rest and have dinner at the pass. The day I went was the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, so the moon was very bright and round. The feeling of sitting at the stall by the pass, the wind blowing softly, watching the moon and "frustrating" the specialty cups here "chill" endlessly.

After dinner around 20:30, we moved by motorbike borrowed from a friend to Ba Khan Village Resort .

We were prepared, but when we drove back to Ba Khan Village Resort, the weather was good, the road was deserted and without a light, which also made us "a little creepy". This was also an unforgettable experience for me when I was trembling while walking.

This fall you have an appointment with Hoa Binh!This fall, don't miss your appointment with Hoa Binh!

From the foot of Thung Khe pass to Ba Khan Village Resort about 15km. The road sign only says 11km, but that's just entering Ba Khan village. As far as the resort, you have to smoke again. My husband keeps asking, � Where did your wife book the Resort? Why is it so wild? That's terrible� ... After groping for about 30, we also entered the place.

It's not worth the effort to climb the pass and wade through the stream. This place is extremely quiet and sparkling. What impressed me the most here was the service of the staff. They are honest, gentle and genuine, without any hint of trained virtuosity, so I feel they work with their true feelings. 10 thousand points for the staff here!

After checking in, because I was both tired and "shaking", my wife and I slept well until morning.

Day 2: Ba Khan Valley - Mai Chau

Although the day before, I was still tired from traveling a long way, but at 6am the next morning I still decided to wake up early to breathe the air of this place and live virtual in the infinity pool. 

Suggestions for you Tips for taking photos of virtual life: If you want to take pictures of the fog, you should get up early around 6am. To get the whole lake view below, around 8 am the dew will be the most beautiful. I caught both of these moments so I'm comfortable taking them too.

The infinity pool at Ba Khan Village Resort.The infinity pool at Ba Khan Village Resort.

- 9:00: We followed the staff at the hotel to the pier about 6km from Ba Khan Village Resort to board a boat to visit the lake bed. Because the order was made the day before, the next morning, the boat was ready on time the next morning. The day I went, there was a class of aunts and uncles who "covered" almost all the rooms, so there were only 3 rooms left as odd guests. However, the other two families didn't go, so there was only one boat, my wife and I.

Review Ba Khan Hoa Binh a little interesting feeling when visiting the lake bed: The scenery is beautiful and poetic like you are in Ha Long, but we are already in the lake, so there is not much wind, just The wind is a bit cool.

The train driver was very enthusiastic, he kept asking the couple to take pictures of all kinds, very enthusiastic. The people here are very hospitable and friendly. The tour schedule was supposed to be 1 hour, but because the scenery was quite similar, my husband and I turned the train back early.

You will have thousands of likes photos when you check in at Ba Khan LakeYou will have thousands of likes photos when you check in at Ba Khan Lake

- 11:00 back to the hotel to check out and get on the bus back to Ban Lac.

On the way from Ba Khan to Ban Lac you will pass Go Lao Waterfall. The waterfall this season has a lot of water, swinging on the road is always seeing the top of the waterfall, very majestic, but near noon, we are quite hungry so we decided not to go to the waterfall anymore but go straight.

On the way, for the first time, the two of them saw the scene of stilt houses or communal houses of the ethnic minorities above, not serviced stilt houses in tourist areas. A very worthwhile experience in life where my husband always makes a decision. After having a baby, I will let them travel to places like this first so that they can better understand the mountains of our country.

- 12:30: arrive at Lac village and check in at Mai Chau Green Eco House . The two hosts are very enthusiastic and friendly. Since I booked the room about 2 weeks in advance, when I arrived the room was ready. The owner gave us a tourist map with copies drawn by himself.

Check-in points that just need to stand indiscriminately also have beautiful photos.Check-in points that just need to stand indiscriminately also have beautiful photos.

The thing that makes me love the most here when entering the room is a wonderfully pleasant lemongrass scent, very refreshing, making us forget the fatigue of the journey. We ordered rice soup with pork mane, fried egg, deep-fried stream fish. Only 190,000 VND in total.

After lunch, we went to the bedroom to take a nap until 4:30 pm, then went down to take the motorbike to "go around". This season is also Mai Chau's ripe rice season, the feeling of cool afternoon is "floating" around the villages, the faint smell of kitchen smoke makes the heart light and extremely peaceful.

Hoa Binh is very fresh and poeticHoa Binh is very fresh and poetic

Hanging around when my husband and I returned to Mai Chau Green Eco House hotel, washed our clothes and prepared for dinner.

I have pre-ordered an item of Ms. An Nguyen. At 7 pm, she sent a tram to the hotel to pick her up at her restaurant. The food was full, the couple did not eat full stomach. The hostess is super enthusiastic and friendly. I booked through facebook, it was so crowded, but she remembered all the names of each person.

I ate here on a Saturday night, so An Nguyen's house had a program of ethnic music and dance by the Mai Chau art team. Just enjoying the specialties here, listening and immersing in the unique melodies of this place make everyone excited. At the end of the cultural program, there was a stall dance that impressed me the most. That's not it, even if you're gnawing on a chicken thigh, you have to jump in. Fun to.

Mai Chau in the ripe rice season.Mai Chau in the ripe rice season.

Eating and drinking, the couple walked to the community yard of Lac 2 village. Every Saturday night, there is a campfire here. Needless to say how crowded it was. Each of these wards is not planned into a program at all, but as if they burn about 5-6 piles of firewood and let each group live on its own, it is not very systematic and a bit messy.

Play around while the couple leisurely walks back to the hotel. End of the second day.

Day 3: Explore Hang Kia - Hoa Binh city

- At 5 am, the couple got up to take the car away and said goodbye to Ban Lac in the surprise of the owner because he got up too early. But because of the motivation of hunting clouds, the couple is more excited than ever.

From Lac village, follow Highway 6 about 40km to Hang Kia. The road is easy to go with only one turn from QL6 to Pa Co, which is very bad and winding.

Wild and majestic natural scenery.
Wild and majestic natural scenery.

On the way, I actually saw a sea of ??clouds, everyone. Not that, even though the road is steep, I still scream with joy. Well, I'm not the only one who shouted, on our journey, we also met a few cars with us, they also shouted with joy as much as me.

Because of seeing the sea of ??clouds, everyone is excited because they can hunt clouds. God is also very smart. Not happy for a long time, the closer to the cloud hunting point, the more foggy it gets. Needless to say, every child is short in front of the scene of "clouds spreading the way".

The sea of ??clouds is behind you.The sea of ??clouds is behind you.

Here, the story of "hunting clouds" officially begins. Each team sat in a corner waiting for the wind to blow the fog, seeing the sun there would be clouds. After more than an hour of waiting, the sun really came out, and before our eyes was really a sea of ??clouds.

Not inviting each other, but all dozens of people there were crying with joy. Rushing out to take pictures. But after posing for about 10 minutes, "the end". Blindness is always new, but it is even more blind than before. Fortunately, I was able to take a few pictures and then sadly went home.

The ideal cloud hunting spot when coming to Hoa Binh.The ideal cloud hunting spot when coming to Hoa Binh.

After losing 20,000 VND/person to hunt for clouds without success, the couple drove straight to Thung Khe Pass, intending to drop in to check in, but at that time on the windy pass, they were lazy, returned the car straight and caught it. bus to the city. Hoa Binh.

Road to Hoa Binh city.Road to Hoa Binh city.

- At 12 noon, we returned to the city, we went to eat with some friends, then went out to visit and drink coconut water at the Hydroelectric Dam, Uncle Ho statue. Tickets to visit the dam is 20,000 VND/person. Come here, you can see the majestic construction with your own eyes to see how "trembling". The thing that reminds me the most here is the letter from the dam builders to the next generation buried in the concrete block next to the Hydroelectric Museum that will not open until 2100. 

Hoabinh water electric.Hoabinh water electric.

- 16h : End of the trip, get on the bus back to Hanoi.

What to eat when going to Ba Khan Hoa Binh?

According to the experience of going to Ba Khan Hoa Binh , I would like to share with you some specialties of Hoa Binh such as: Wild boar, stone snail, stone crab... Pigs eat different from man pigs in Hanoi, stone snails are as big as those in Hanoi. Snails, rock crabs are really delicious, each shell is difficult to peel and must be eaten as big as your hand to be really delicious.

End the trip to Ba Khan Hoa Binh completely with lots of love.End the trip to Ba Khan Hoa Binh completely with lots of love.

At the end of the review of Ba Khan Hoa Binh , by the time I share these lines, I still feel overwhelmed. Surely if I have the opportunity to travel to Hoa Binh, I will still come back to Ba Khan to be able to enjoy interesting experiences about nature and people here.

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